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WHY Umbrella School Secure

Umbrella School secure is one of the most comprehensive school bus tracking systems which provides a host of solution and facilities based on school requirement. Apart from providing regular live tracking and location management, it provides customized alerts such as over speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering, route deviation, etc. It also has the added feature of alerting the parents when the bus is about to reach the bus stop points. The product comes with parents and school applications which is easy to use.

Key Features

  Bus Live Tracking
  Bus Arrival Pre Alert
  RFID Based Attendance
  Parents Portal
  School Portal
  Android/IOS App
  Route Deviation Alert
  Over-Speed Alert
  Driving Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the children are our biggest treasure, we need to be more careful in providing them with the required security. The Umbrella School Secure is not just another School Bus Tracking System but ut has advanced features like attendance based on RFID or Biometric system in the bus and it can also be done at the school gate. The advanced system send alerts to the school administration about the driver behavior like speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering, continuous driving, route deviation etc. It also has features of campus wise tracking of students which the school can use if it requires.

The system can easily be integrated with School ERP. It can also check for the current hardware the School is using and only if required a new investment will be required in new hardware.

The parents can see the km traveled, attendance, get SMS alerts for intimating the school bus arrivals, etc. Apart from it, the parents can view the location of school bus on maps as well.

You can please send us the query and based on your query, we can contact your school and show them the free live demo.

WHY Vehicle Tracking System from GPS Gaadi ( UPS)

Umbrella Protection Systems tries to automate most difficult processes using simple yet innovative ideas.
The ease of usage of the technology solution makes the actual difference between a Hit and a Miss