Umbrella Container Lock System

Secure your cargo by using heavy-duty Digital locks with unlocking using OTP or Application.

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Why Umbrella Container Lock System?


Dual Mechanism

Works with Key as well as with App. You can even opt for a next-generation dual mechanism that requires both key and application-based unlocking.


Mobile App-based Unlocking

The lock can be unlocked sitting anywhere in the world using the UPS moile app with an internet connection.



All the activities of locking and unlocking will be sent to the person via notifications, SMS, or email based on requirements.


Lock History

The company provides up to 9 months of lock opening and closing history.


GPS Enabled

The locks are GPS enabled and you can track the vehicle at the same time while using the lock with all features of the GPS system.


Inside Lock System

The lock mechanism works based on hidden inside the container which cant be broken easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

The truck often caries costly cargo which can be easily stolen or sold. The container lock system enables the fleet owner to lock or unlock the container to help to secure the cargo. The dual operation lock also requires a key to operate along with mobile access to make it more secured.

The lock is heavy duty and cant be opened easily.

Since the lock is fitted inside the container, it is not visible to the person other than the keyhole. Hence the lock can not be broken easily by anyone.

Yes, the lock is GPS enables and if required can also be programmed to be automatically open in a geo-fence area.

Yes, the lock system comes with all the regular features of GPS like KM, Speed, Halt and all the basic reports required for the GPS.