Advanced Telematics System

  Safety of Driver and assets.

  Accuracy of Reports

  Timely alerts

  Analytics to take actions

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Why UPS's Advanced Telematics System?

Advance telematic systems is a highly advance telematic product with increased focus on security of driver and alerts management. It uses very high quality hardware in the form of AIS-140 device, RFID Reader, Relay and SOS button.


RFID –Engine On

The ignition of the truck will only start based on positive RFID key swapping which will be unique for every driver.


Super Login

Super Login available for the company to monitor performance of all the vendors in one go.


Live Tracking & Playback

Live tracking of trucks with animation for playback with complete haults indication.


Panic Button

The AIS-140 device is linked with panic button which can send emergency alerts to the required email and phone number.



Geo fencing can be done for landmarks, routes and locations and it can trigger alerts based on requirements.



The dashboard has graphical representations in various forms to ease the usageand to better visulise the information.

Key Features

  Harsh Braking
  Rapid Acceleration
  Continuous Driving
  Over-speed Alert
  Panic Alert
  Geo-Fence Alert
  Power Cut Alert
  Harsh Cornering
  Device Tampering Alert
  Tilt or (Topple) Alert
  Change of Driver
  Night Driving
  Free Wheespanng
  Idle / Halt Time Alert
  Engine On/Off Alert
  Low Battery

What our Customers say


Very nicely developed tracking application, dashboard, alert systems to fully suffice our needs.


Our fleet and drivers are delighted to be part of Umbrella family. Very good support.

Inder Jain

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced telematics systems is an advanced system that uses the AIS-140 system, Harness, RFID Reader, Reay for keeping full control over the truck operations. The driver can turn on the engine by using the RFID reader card only. The AIS-140 device comes with certification approved by state RTO. Some of the features are engine start, 20 types of alerts, customized sec by the second report, driver activity report. It is a must for driver performance monitoring in case of multiple drivers in the vehicle,
They are highly recommended for valuable goods tracking, hazardous materials, and another customized tracking.

GPS tracking system by Umbrella Protection System is the best in the country. It has 99% uptime, hardware quality is unmatched, reports are well tested and a host of features are available to the customers which the other providers are not able to provide. Its the choice of the biggest as well as the smaller fleet operators.

Yes, you can track an individual vehicle/ asset and also all of them in one go. It has interactive graphic displays and reports to facilitate it. For large size fleet owners, the customization of the dashboard is also provided.

UPS provides regular reports like driver performance report, halt, km, performance, activity, speed report and also provides advance telematics reports like rapid acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, continuous driving, night driving, accident alerts and a lot of intelligent reports.

Reduced cost of monitoring, safety from theft, improved information for decision making.

About Umbrella Protection Systems

Umbrella Protection Systems is a technology company focusing on the entire value chain of logistics starting from tracking, trucking, warehousing, Container depots operations. It tries to automate the most difficult processes using simple yet innovative ideas.
At UPS we believe that the ease of usage of the technology solution makes the actual difference between a Hit and a Miss