Product Information

Feature List:

  • GSM Quad-band
  • GPS + GSM + GPRS wireless network
  • High sensitive GPS chipset
  • Real-time tracking
  • Built-in GSM & GPS antenna
  • Built-in ON / OFF power, wide voltage input range
  • Built-in acceleration sensor for vibration alarm
  • Support ACC detection, real-time reporting car status
  • Tele-cut off (petrol / electricity) function
  • SOS button for SOS alarm
  • Voice monitor function
  • Built-in CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically
  • Three LED indicators: GPS - Blue; GSM - Green; Power - Red
  • Check location via platform
  • Built-in 450mAh battery for alarm

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Track Your Car with GPS Tracking Device for Cars


As number of cars on road is increasing day by day, it has become quite important to keep a track on vehicles running all through the city so as to avoid some unnecessary problems. The question that may arise in your mind is that, what is the benefit of implementing the same on your vehicle. It not only helps tracker to track the traffic, with it you could also track people which means the entire vehicle could be tracked. Not only this, there are several other purpose of GPS tracker for car

, like chasing the drivers, vehicle theft, chasing employee etc.


GPS tracking device for cars can be easily installed inside the vehicle which is controlled by particular software which is capable enough to keep a track on the vehicle. With this tracking your car has become much easier with lots of efficiency.  Tracking device for cars in Delhi NCR is gaining popularity day by day. With it the tracking of vehicle has become much convenient. Install it in your vehicle and go with the flow of the boon of technology.


Some of the highlights of GPS tracker device for cars with GPS Gaadi

  • We come up with world class and distinct solution which are implemented by some of our expert team members
  • We help tracking devices from all the reputed manufacturers in the town
  • Top rated GPS tracking technology
  • Product development in a very cost effective way according to the need of an individual client or the customer as per the need of emerging market demand
  • We have a very excellent and strong backend support with a very strong integration with the network operators which will result to the large scale development
  • We come up with the best GPS tracking map which will guide you in the best way with no confusion involved in it
  • Unmatchable customer support to all our clients and customers
  • We have a very reportable and high end customized alerts and reports
  • GPS tracker for car really works in a very systematic way with no technical interruption
  • It is very well organized with SMS or mail tracking s well
  • We also have our personal app that could be accessed at any time of the day

Special features of GPS tracking device for cars

  • Fully fledged real time tracking
  • Track vehicle through SMS
  • Tracking every move taken by the vehicle
  • Reports based on real time data

We have helped to enhance the growth of fleet all over India. We have contributed a lot to the GPS devices for cars in Delhi NCR. We ensure that we help your vehicle to use less fuel even for the long distance travelling. We also ensure you with a timely and scheduled transport as you could easily track the traffic in your route and can start from home accordingly. With this you could easily locate where the driver is taking your vehicle. Timeliness is our main motive and smile on the face of our customer makes us really happy. We help you operating any kind of fleet.


Get GPS Tracking Device from GPS Gaadi

Devices for cars in Delhi NCRhas set a unique and distinct benchmark in the field of fleet management. We provide the tracking device to various sectors like medical, schools, transportation, and government sectors. We are one of the best GPS trackers for car devices provider all over India. We have a unique identity in the market.