Best Fleet Tracking Device in India by GPS Gaadi for better fleet management


Keeping in view the increasing crime incidents, frauds and scams,using atracking device has become important for managing and safeguarding business fleets. With the help of tracking devices, you can tell the exact position of your driver, monitorthe times they stop the vehicle to reduce unauthorized stoppages. It also helps in better utilization of vehicle. Moreover, this visibility of fleets makes drivers accountable and thus creates a better image in front of the customer.

There are multiple number of tracking devices available in the market. You can choose the best Fleet Tracking Device for your fleet to improve your business. To know which the best fleet tracking device in India is, read the online reviews of Fleet trackers, talk to the people who are already using a tracking device. They can tell you better about the strength of accuracy of tracking devices. For choosing a best Fleet Tracking device, these things are of utmost importance.


Advantages of Fleet tracking deviceby GPS Gaadi

Some of the advantages of fleet tracking device are as follows:

  1. It ensures effective vehicle tracking System, delivers real time information about location, mobile inventory and activity of your vehicles.
  2. It improves both customer service and business performance.
  3. It prevents vehicle theft and provides clues for the fast recovery of the lost vehicles.

How GPS Fleet tracking device functions?


The information we are providing in this paragraph is important for people who are using GPS Fleet Tracking devicefor the first time. GPS tracking device delivers you exact information of the location and performance of every vehicle.

It provides you everything required for vehicle tracking, thus making it easy for the owner to setup and maintain his/her system to fit into their vehicle tracking requirements. It is not any uphill task to install a Fleet Tracking device.

As soon as you install a Fleet Tracking device, it starts tracking your vehicle fleet. And the user doesn’t needs any special training to operate Fleet tracking device. It is as easy as a pie to operate a Fleet tracking device. The interface of the tracker provides them a complete new perspective on fleet management with insight into vehicle usage, the habits of drivers, efficiency and scheduling. And the most important is the peace of mind because you are able to know  where and how your vehicles are being used. Suppose if your fleet engages in a long haul truck or crosses State lines, at that time, drivers have to abide by state and national road time regulations


Some GPS Gaadi GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker is one of most popular and used Fleet Tracking Devices in India. It enables you to track your vehicle anywhere in the country. And, reports on platform after every 30 seconds. This makes it one of the best Real-Time GPS fleet tracking device in India.  It reports events happening in your vehicle instantly and generates alerts instantly on mobile phone via Voice call or SMS. It enables you to view full animation of the route where your vehicle is travelling during a particular time interval. The tracking System plots locations on Map and enables you to know the status of the vehicle tracker during the entire journey.