The security of children is a concern for every parent, especially if they are sending off their children on a school bus. Every parent wishes to know whether their kids reach the school safely or not. The parents worry a lot until their child returns back to home safely in the evening. So, it is the responsibility of every school to keep the children safe inside the school buses by keeping track of the school bus fleet. Taking care of the worries of every parent, the technology has made it possible for parents as well as school to monitor the bus as well as driver’s behaviour. If you are running a school, it is essential for you to be aware of the different reasons for employing GPS Tracker for School buses.

Below are the different essential reasons for employing GPS Tracker for School Buses:

  • Sending alerts to parents as well as school administration: With the help of tracking device, an alert can be sent to the parents as well as school administration if a vehicle gets late or gets paused at a specific location for a long duration. Also, parents can receive the alert when the bus reaches one stop before their kid’s stop so that they could reach the stop on time.
  • Actual pick and drop time: With the help of GPS tracker for School Buses, parents get to know the accurate time of pick and drop. If a vehicle gets late someday, they can report it to school administration by showing GPS reports of the vehicle.
  • Tracking driver’s behaviour: Whenever driver crosses the speed limit or drives rash, an alert is sent to the driver as well as school administration so that an action could be taken against the rash driving of the driver.
  • Fuel sensor: There are many GPS tracking devices that also provide the fuel sensor so that school authorities can track how much fuel has been filled consumed or if in some case, somebody steals the fuel from the school bus; an alert is sent to the school authority.
  • Preparing trip summary: The tracking devices are capable of preparing trip summary i.e. the total distance a bus has travelled, delay at every pickup and drop stop so that it could be analysed whether the delay is from the driver side or kid’s side.
  • The presence of students in bus and school: With the help of RFID readers and RFID swipe tags, parents can monitor the presence of their children not only in school buses, but in the school as well.
  • Maintaining school bus attendance precisely: It can be difficult to manage the attendance of every student separately. Keeping a record of the attendance manually can be prone to errors. But the GPS tracker for school buses can allow you to maintain the attendance easily as well as quickly.

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Different reasons to employ GPS Trackers for School Buses

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