What is a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals.

Why GPS?

The only information obtained from the GPS itself is the actual location of the user. The rest of the information available, such as nearby businesses, street information, etc, is actually determined by software installed on the receiver or something connected to this receiver. The software in the receiver or in whatever the receiver is connected to will take the information obtained from both the satellites and the map data it has, and allow a user to plan routes from two chosen points, tells the user of nearby locations, and approximates the user's speed and direction of travel.

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A tracking device if used well can greatly enhance the efficiency and asset utilization for the company. These days GPS tracker in Delhi has become a very popular and a common form of business. The benefits you get from these devices are well recognized by most of the government agencies. With a very good level of co-ordination, excellent fleet management and co-ordination of asset the GPS tracker India Online helps us to improve the efficiency of the work process.

Gets the best GPS vehicle tracking system with GPS Gaadi

We have got the best GPS tracker system in India and that too with the latest technology and equipments which makes the management of the fleet quite easy. Our technical team comprising of engineers from top engineering colleges such as IITs, BITs and NITs will help you with the best reporting mechanism which will cut down the cost in the best possible way and help you to improve the end services you are providing to your customers through our GPS vehicle tracking system. With this your vehicle could easily send the information remotely. There information you get are related to location of the vehicle, direction to which you are travelling, status of the movement of the vehicle, where the vehicle is stopping, how long it is stopping, mileage, efficiency matrix, truck analysis, customer analysis and driver analysis etc. With the GPS tracker in Delhi, you will be allowed to access every single detail you need for the observation and determination and you could track the usage of the fuel in vehicle. You could easily get a real time data and that too in just 10 seconds and with this work could be done too efficiently. We have always made sure that we have given ultimate satisfaction to our customer. We help you cutting down the fuel usage.

Salient features of GPS vehicle system tracking system

We provide you with a real time GPS vehicle tracking system for managing the fleets in a better way. There are many services providers in the market these days but makesure that you do not fall in the wrong hands; they may lead you to lots of wastage of money. We have a unique position in the market. We also help you on improving the fleet productivity. All our solutions are quite easy to implement and very user friendly. We come up with a very versatile platform for all our clients and customers. Benefits you would get while you hire GPS tracker India services from us :

  • You could get a real time location with us which will allow you to plan your trip accordingly.
  • Providing daily, weekly, monthly and customized reports for checking the efficiency of your fleet.
  • Simplifies the administration task and helps taking any business decision wisely.
  • Transparency of every single detail helps us to create a clear cut image in front of the customer and thus it helps bringing new business.
  • We help improving the utilization of the vehicle.
  • We make sure there are no unnecessary stops of your vehicle.
  • Checking the location of truck in case of any theft of vehicle etc.
  • Can get alert for over speeding, long delays, vehicle entering a geo fence areas etc.

Some of the application area in terms of GPS tracker India online

  • Truck tracking for the long route
  • Dispatching of truck
  • Security of vehicle
  • Tracking of tourist bus
  • Tracking of taxi
  • Management and security of a cab for call centre
  • Tracking of school bus
  • Ambulance

GPS Gaddi has a team of young and dynamic professionals. All of them are quite dedicated to their work and responsibilities. We are very much focused in providing technical and high quality solution when it comes to GPS tracker in Delhi. We believe in providing the right solution to our customers. We have always proved to be a reliable service provider in the town and all over India.